Not just a summer fling: Russians are now vacationing in Turkey all year round
Level.Travel, the leading Russian Travel Tech platform, studied the sales of package tours to Turkish resorts within the last 3 years and discovered that the share of these destinations has experienced strong growth not only in summer, but also off-season and New Year holidays (1st to 8th of January).

33% of Level.Travel tourists spent their summer vacation in Turkey in 2017, while in 2019 this share has increased to 50%.

Only 3% of Level.Travel tourists chose to go to Turkey for the 2018 New Year holidays, while in 2019 number of these travellers saw a dramatic increase to 15%.

"The first thing that a Russian tourist does when planning a holiday is go online to search for information. The emerging of OTAs allowed to combine this activity with actually buying packages, and more and more tourists use that opportunity.

The way that Russian tourists turn to Turkey off-season is reasonable: as the audience switches from offline tour agencies to OTA, their behavior patterns change. Online tools offer a better variety of options, besides, they allow last-minute booking. Hence the growth of online sales to Turkey: apart from vacations planned long in advance, it also becomes a destination for short and spontaneous off-season trips". – says Dmitry Malyutin, co-founder and CEO of Level.Travel.